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Level Design Technical Design
backporch conversationscreenshot
 Nothing’s Sacred:
A stealth level for a Thief-like game

Tools: Radiant, idTech 4, Visual Studio, Google Docs, Google Draw

Roles: Level Designer, Scripter

Team Size: Myself

Development Period: June – November 2016

Mark Antony (WIP):
A system prototype that allows the player to form sentences.

Tools: Unity, C#, XML, Google Draw

Roles: System Designer, Technical Designer

Team Size: Myself

Development Period: December 2016 – Present

lastLightCommandCenter AIBanner
 Last Light:  
Levels from a team-based horror game

Tools: Unreal Engine 4, Blueprint Visual Scripting, Google Docs, Google Draw, GIT, SVN

Roles: Level Designer, Technical Designer, Scripter, Enemy Designer

Team Size: 12 total, 3 designers

Development Period: December 2015 – April 2016

 AI Programming Examples: 
Examples of steering, pathfinding, and state machines

Tools: C++, C#, Unity, Google Draw, SVN

Roles: AI Programmer, Enemy Designer

Team Size: 3 total on State Machine, myself on all others

Development Period: Various

Port Authority:  
Custom Half-Life 2 level. Download available

Tools: Hammer, Google Docs, Google Draw

Role: Level Designer, Technical Designer

Team Size: Myself

Development Period: September – December 2014